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hey lonelies

No wonder your so friggin lonely, there is only 4 of you and your not very active. I am not exactly lonely I just thought your group sounded humble and self depreciating humor is sometimes the best. I just moved to Chicago and though I have plenty of school work keeping me busy I do find the time to talk on LJ.
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Me glad your findying time to tlak LJ with the lonelies. I dont think your lonely there are many pepole in Chicago who as stupid as you are, thats why you all hang out together and make idle idiot banter, ultimately hoping to procreate and raise another organism who think like brick in brain.

chicago_lonely fuckin' rocks. monsieur, I think you should attend to your 'plenty of school work,' the plastic you patched up your airhead with is starting to rupture...

p.s the group is Kraftwerk, not Kraftwork.

p.p.s the only 'self depreciating' humor i notice around here is the stupid joke of you :). late
Oh my Gwad, what the ****?, do I sense some serious bitterness. Forgive my spelling fauxpau (see, another one) I was not being nasty and I don't have a pastic airhead regardless of the fact I'm not winning any spelling bees. Jeez chill out a little and be nice to the people visiting your little lonely club. I was only saying hi.
Good. Say hello. *

*= but being lonely is not something to be fucked with. Last night a friend back home called me because they wanted to have a goodbye conversation before they tried to kill themselves. (No, this isn't your typical 15-year old angsty 'ahw my gawwid I wanna like die' person/call. it was serious and really awful and sad and it's hard to intervene when you are a voice halfway across the country) I talked them down from their terror and you know what the real root of their mania was? They just felt so alone. chicago_lonely was and still is about feeling so lonely and trying to deal with the fact that you think noone gives a shit. noone joined the community, so either every Chicagoan LJer is completely content with their network of people or they don't want to admit to such a sin, to feel alone.
I guess I just still believe in the potential power of this group.

sorry dredog312, didn't mean to make you the scratching post.
You do have a point about admitting lonliness being this deadly sin. Most people just want to appear so content and so fufilled, its all crap but thats just the way of the world. My best friend (who hasn't lived in the same state as me for years) told me about LJ and I thought it would be a cool way to connect with her, then I realized she was the only person responding to my comments. So during down time I like to investigate other Chicagoans from the safety of my studio apt. What can I say I'm a bit of a dork, I like to awnser questions and be helpful. Its probably lonliness which motivates me or the entirety of LJ itself, people want to feel connected. There is nothing wrong with being lonely, that's just honest but your kidding yourself if you think you corner the market on lonliness.
'Our newest member!'
Oh good hugs for all!