dredog312 (dredog312) wrote in chicago_lonely,

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woot woot

hi I thought this community was going to become active again. For some crazy reason I'm rooting for this lil lonely club.
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Me too. Trouble is I get so lonely that I don't know if this club will help. Not to say that I don't think about posting here- I just preempt it by feeling so lonely that I can't admit my loneliness.
You know this whole LJ thing is just a psuedo relational environment. Nothing substitutes the fact that we all need to interact with eachother. But if you want ill add you and psuedoly keep you company.
Any time you want to meet up Holla.
"meet up" i don't know what that means, im or lj or what? (I know how to holla)
i think the true problem here is all members think they are better than the people who visit. I don't intend offense but when I write on here its hard to get a response and more than one is out of the question. Aren't you suposed to carry on little pseudo conversations with lurkers? Anyway, I tried. I'm out. Please don't go crazy and start hurling curse words at me again ox.